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Are you tired of missing out on deals and paying too much for products on Amazon? Our Amazon price tracker app can help! With our app, you can easily track prices of your favorite products and receive notifications when prices drop, so you can save money and make informed purchasing decisions.
Our Amazon price tracker app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Simply add the products you want to track to your list, and we'll monitor the prices for you. You can set up notifications to receive alerts when the price drops to a certain level, or when it reaches your desired price point.
But that's not all – our app offers a variety of features to help you save even more money. You can view price history charts to see how prices have changed over time, set up price drop alerts for specific products or categories, and even compare prices across different Amazon marketplaces.
In addition to helping you save money, our Amazon price tracker app also saves you time. No more manually checking prices or keeping track of deals – our app does the work for you, so you can focus on other things.
With our app, you'll never miss out on a deal again. You'll always know when it's the best time to buy, and you'll be able to save money on all your Amazon purchases. Download our Amazon price tracker app today and start saving!


Feedback from satisfied users

Review from Xrbea Production
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Useful app

Great app for latest price, discount and services. You will get maximum discounts as app gives alerts.

Review from AppStore admirer
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Super convenient

With holiday season coming up, this is the perfect app to keep track of prices. I’ve saved a bunch already!

Review from EDM Machine
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Best prices

Don't miss the best price of favorite goods you want to buy with this amazingly useful app for passionate online shoppers!


Unique features


The Amazon price alert is able to send your notifications if a new hot deals is detected on two ways. Directly on your iOS or Android phone using mobile notifications and if you wish also as email.

Price history

PriceNotify tracks continuously prices from Amazon products. These price changes you can view in a nice price history chart to decide if the time is good to buy the product.


Your wish items and their price history are synced across all your devices. For example you can save a product on your iPhone and view the price history of the product later on your iPad.


With the free PriceNotify app you can receive price drop alerts for your wish Amazon items and save money when you buying your wish product to the perfect time. Download now the free PriceNotify app and start saving money.

Lighting deals

PriceNotify is able to detect Amazon Lighting deals that are limited to a fixed amount of units and time. If such a Lighting deal occurs you'll get notified

Product availability

Is your wish product currently out of stock? No problem. Just add it to the PriceNotify app and wait. PriceNotify will send a notification when it's back in stock.


We offer a wide range of features

amazon price tracker history

Price history

See the completely price history of your tracked products. So you can see when Amazon has the best price for you to buy.

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