Save money when shopping on Amazon

PriceNotify is a Amazon price tracker that helps you to save money when you shopping on Amazon. We notify you if your wishprice is reached.
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Key features of PriceNotify

If your wishprice is reached PriceNotify sends you a push notification on your phone.
When you create also a free PriceNotify account the app will send you also an email notification.
PriceNotify is free to use to help you to track Amazon product prices and save money. Get started now for free!
Create a optionally PriceNotify account to sync your tracked products across your devices.

Feature Highlights

product pricehistory

See the completly history of the price from products.
So you can see if currently is the best moment to buy.

Lowest and Highestprice

PriceNotify save the time when a product has the highest and the lowest price.

Wishlist import

Import a completly Amazon wishlist into PriceNotify.
You only need to paste the link to your wishlist in the settings.

pricenotify push notification
Phone Notification

Get notified via phone notification.

Email Notification

With a free PriceNotify account you can also notified via Email.